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“SIBIRSKOE ZDOROVIE” Limited Liability Company

“SIBIRSKOE ZDOROVIE” Limited Liability Company

Director: Eduard Avetisyan

Address: Armenia, 0028, Yerevan, 11a Kievyan St.

Phone: (374-10)276140


in RA is realizing the production of "Sibirskoe Zdorovie" Corporation (SZC proceeding) with the scientifically-innovative centre possessed in Novosibirsk in Academgorodok which offers the clients the most advanced, innovative product protected by the Russian patents and the help in selection of the accessible and effective program of maintenance of health and improvement of the quality of life.

SZC is a company of a complete cycle - from a development phase in partnership with about 16 leading scientifically-medical institutions of RF to production realisation through the representations. Efficiency and productivity of SZC products are confirmed not only by long-term practice of application, but also comprehensive clinical researches. Exclusive recipes and technologies belong to SZC. The unique products most of which were awarded by diplomas are results of advanced achievements of a science in combination with the centuries-old experience of national medicine.

It is known that "the Person - is what he eats" - the quality of health directly depends on set of active substances which are irreplaceable at all stages of a metabolism in a human body. In an arsenal of preventive medicine biologically active additives play the central role, along with a healthy way of life and physical activity.

We can affect only food structure for corrections of the most wide-spread diseases of digestive system, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, urinary, sexual systems, diseases of the bone-muscular system, system diseases.

You can't buy such products anywhere in Armenia and besides SZC always guarantees authenticity, and also faultless quality of production

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Phone (374-10)276140

Work hours  : 10:00  18:00  

Work days  : Mn,Tu,We,Th,Fr,St,


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