Taron A. Tonoyan
Armenia, 0039, Yerevan, Bagratunyats St. 1 Building
(374-10)420890, (374-10)421183
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  • Armenia, 0039, Yerevan, Bagratunyats St. 1 Building

Additional Information

Consulting: Maxillofacial Anomalies

Consulting on Cardio-Vascular Diseases /Cardiologist's Advice

Consulting on Gynecological Diseases / Gynecologist's Advice

Consulting on Hormonal Disorders (Endocrine Diseases) / Endocrinologist's Advice

Consulting on Orthopedic Diseases / Orthopedist's Advice

Consulting on Otorhinolaryngologic (ENT) Diseases / Otorhinolaryngologist's (ENT Specialist's) Advice

Consulting on Skin and Venereal Diseases / Dermatovenerologist's Advice

Consulting on Skin Diseases / Dermatologist's Advice

Consulting on Urogenital System Diseases

Consulting on Vascular Diseases / Angiologist's Advice

Consulting with Spesialist in Radiodiagnosis


Angiography of Major Vessels of Kidneys

Biochemical Examination

Blood Test: Biochemical

Blood Test: Clinical

Clinical Laboratory Services


Electrocardiography (ECG)



Glycosylated Hemoglobin Test

Hormonal Examination

Oncocytological Examination

Pathohistological Examination

Sight Testing

Ultrasound Examination (Sonography/Echography): Heart (Echocardiography/Echocardioscopy)

Ultrasound Examination (Sonography/Echography): Internal Organs

Urodynamic Examination



Manual Therapy

Massage: Therapeutic

Paraffin Therapy




Surgery: Abdominal

Surgery: General

Surgery: Genital Organs

Surgery: Hand

Surgery: Laparoscopic

Surgery: Locomotor System

Surgery: Orthopedic

Surgery: Otorhinolaryngologic (ENT)

Surgery: Plastic

Surgery: Proctological

Surgery: Renal

Surgery: Urologic

Surgery: Vascular

Therapeutic Physical Training

Treatment of Adrenal and Genital Gland Diseases

Treatment of Arthrosis/Osteoarthrosis (Tophus)

Treatment of Bone Diseases

Treatment of Bronchial Asthma

Treatment of Cardio-Vascular Diseases / Cardiologist Services

Treatment of Children's Otorhinolaryngologic (ENT) Diseases / Pediatric Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT Specialist) Services

Treatment of Frontitis

Treatment of Gallbladder Diseases

Treatment of Gastroenteric Diseases / Gastroenterologist Services

Treatment of Gynecological Diseases / Gynecologist Services

Treatment of Heart Failure

Treatment of Heart Rhythm Disorders (Arrhythmia)

Treatment of Hormonal Disorders (Endocrine Diseases) / Endocrinologist Services

Treatment of Hypertension

Treatment of Injuries / Traumatologist Services

Treatment of Ischemic Heart Diseases

Treatment of Kidney Diseases / Nephrologist Services

Treatment of Liver Diseases

Treatment of Lung Diseases

Treatment of Maxillary Sinusitis

Treatment of Metabolic Disorders

Treatment of Nervous System Diseases / Neurologist Services

Treatment of Orthopedic Diseases / Orthopedist Services

Treatment of Otorhinolaryngologic (ENT) Diseases / Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT Specialist) Services

Treatment of Periodic Peritonitis

Treatment of Peripheral Nervous System Diseases

Treatment of Poisoning / Medical Toxicologist Services

Treatment of Prostatitis

Treatment of Radiculitis

Treatment of Reproductive System Diseases

Treatment of Rheumatism / Rheumatologist Services

Treatment of Sciatica

Treatment of Skin Diseases / Dermatologist Services

Treatment of Spinal Diseases

Treatment of Thyroid Gland Diseases

Treatment of Urologic Diseases / Urologist Services

Treatment of Vascular Diseases/ Angiologist Services


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