Valery M. Abrahamyan
Armenia, 0092, Yerevan Nor Nork 7th Micro-District, Hunan Avetisyan St. 84 Building (adjacent to youth center)
(374-10)669293, (374-60)540468, (374-91)400078, (374-94)113996
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  • Armenia, 0092, Yerevan Nor Nork 7th Micro-District, Hunan Avetisyan St. 84 Building (adjacent to youth center)

Additional Information

Non-surgical treatment of lumbar hernia, consulting, ultrasound examination. Massage with "Dr. Nona" Dead Sea products

Facial Massage

Massage: Anti-Cellulite

Massage: Hygienic

Massage: Relaxing/Anti-Stress

Massage: Therapeutic

Massage for Children (Baby Massage)

Massage for Slimming/Weight Loss

Consulting on Children's Diseases / Pediatrician's Consultation

Consulting on Gastroenteric Diseases / Gastroenterologist's Consultation

Consulting on Hormonal Disorders (Endocrine Diseases) / Endocrinologist's Consultation

Consulting on Infectious Diseases / Infectiologist's Consultation

Consulting on Nervous System Diseases / Neurologist's Consultation

Ultrasound Examination (Sonography/Echography): Internal Organs

Ultrasound Examination (Sonography/Echography): Internal Organs, in-Home

Ultrasound Examination (Sonography/Echography): Lymph Nodes

Ultrasound Examination (Sonography/Echography): Mammary Glands

Ultrasound Examination (Sonography/Echography): Salivary Glands

Ultrasound Examination (Sonography/Echography): Soft Tissues

Ultrasound Examination (Sonography/Echography): Thyroid Gland

Ultrasound Examination (Sonography/Echography): Urogenital System Organs


Manual Therapy

Non-Surgical Treatment of Intervertebral Hernia in Lumbar Spine

Scenar Therapy

Treatment of Backache

Treatment of Cardio-Vascular Diseases / Cardiologist Services

Treatment of Circulatory Disturbance/Disorders in Lower Limbs

Treatment of Digestive System Diseases

Treatment of Gynecological Diseases / Gynecologist Services

Treatment of Headaches

Treatment of Hormonal Disorders (Endocrine Diseases) / Endocrinologist Services

Treatment of Limitation of Active and Passive Movements

Treatment of Nervous System Diseases / Neurologist Services

Treatment of Neuritis of the Facial Nerve

Treatment of Numbness in Limbs

Treatment of Periodic Peritonitis

Treatment of Radiculitis

Treatment of Respiratory System Diseases

Treatment of Sciatica

Treatment of Skin Diseases / Dermatologist Services

Treatment of Spinal Osteochondrosis

Treatment of Tooth Diseases

Treatment of Urogenital System Diseases

Treatment of Weakness in Limbs

Rehabilitation of Patients with Cardio-Vascular Diseases

Medicines (trade) (selling)

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