Surik A. Altunyan - General Manager
Armenia, 0014, Yerevan Hrachya Nersisyan St. 12/6 Building
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Medical center

Armenia, 0001, Yerevan, Nalbandyan St. 25/14 Building

Branch office in Vanadzor

Armenia, 2001, Lori Marz, Vanadzor, Garegin Nzhdehi St. 24 Building

Branch office in Gyumri

Armenia, 3101, Shirak Marz, Gyumri, Tigran Metsi St. 8 Building

(374-10)289528, (374-10)0299529, (374-10)208220, (374-10)246080, (374-10)542424, (374-10)522404, (374-10)545024, (374-322)24090, (374-322)41164, (374-31)2-32733, (374-312)67267
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  • Armenia, 0014, Yerevan Hrachya Nersisyan St. 12/6 Building

Additional Information

Medical diagnosis and treatment

Massage: Anti-Cellulite

Massage: Anti-Cellulite, by Apparatus

Bacteriological Examination

Biochemical Examination

Blood Test: Immunological

Blood Test for Food Allergens

Blood Test for Respiratory Allergens

Clinical Laboratory Services


Cytological Examination

Cytological Examination: Cervical Smear (Pap Test)

Detection of Tumor Markers

Determination of Hydrogen Concentration in Expired Air

Electroencephalography (EEG)

Electromyography (Electroneuromyography)


Histological Examination

Hormonal Examination

Microbiological Examination

Morphological Examination

Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Helicobacteriosis by Breathing Method

Otoneurological Examination

Pathomorphological Examination

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test

Serologic Examination


Treadmill Test

Ultrasound Examination (Sonography/Echography): Heart (Echocardiography/Echocardioscopy)

Ultrasound Examination (Sonography/Echography): Internal Organs

X-ray: in-Home


Ligation of Esophageal Varices

Massage: Therapeutic

Ozone Therapy

Treatment of Allergic Diseases / Allergist Services

Treatment of Andrologic Diseases / Andrologist Services

Treatment of Children's Otorhinolaryngologic (ENT) Diseases / Pediatric Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT Specialist) Services

Treatment of Diabetes

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Treatment of Facial Skin Diseases

Treatment of Female Infertility

Treatment of Frontitis

Treatment of Gastroenteric Diseases / Gastroenterologist Services

Treatment of Hormonal Disorders (Endocrine Diseases) / Endocrinologist Services

Treatment of Locomotor System Diseases / Orthopedic Neurologist Services

Treatment of Maxillary Sinusitis

Treatment of Nervous System Diseases / Neurologist Services

Treatment of Otorhinolaryngologic (ENT) Diseases / Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT Specialist) Services

Treatment of Peripheral and Central Vestibular Disorders (Otoneurological Diseases)

Treatment of Proctologic Diseases / Proctologist Services

Treatment of Prostatitis

Treatment of Reproductive Disorders

Treatment of Reproductive System Diseases

Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections / Venereologist Services

Treatment of Skin Diseases / Dermatologist Services

Treatment of Spinal Diseases

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