Spartak S. Amiryan
Armenia, 0084, Yerevan, Andraniki St. 2a Building (in the building of polyclinic №19)
(374-10)729556, (374-10)729566, (374-91)282524
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  • Armenia, 0084, Yerevan, Andraniki St. 2a Building (in the building of polyclinic №19)

Additional Information

The Sigmalab diagnostic center was founded in December 2009. The goal of the snter is to provide qualified diagnostics to the people

The center is situated in a renewed, heated building, is accomplished by newest equipment, the hygienic state of the building is also highly controlled. Only the best qualified specialists work hereThere is a wide range of diagnostic services here

General diagnostics of blood by leicoformula (18 parameters)

General diagnostics of urine (12 parameters)

Mycroscopic diagnostics of vernix


Biochemic diagnostics of blood (protein, biliburin, tymol tests, lipids in all fractions, urea, creatinin, liver tests – AST, ALT, GGT, alkaline phosphatose, amylase etc.)

Hydro-electrolite exchange, exchange of ferrum and mycroelemts - Na, K, Ca tot, Ca ++ , Cl, Mg, P, Cu, Zn, Fe, transferring , ferrityne

For diagnosing an acrid infarct, especially for ESG infarcts determination of lardiolevels is provided – troponyne 1, mioglobyne, LDH-1

For hemostase the protrombyne time, index, INR, fybrynogen, trombyne time is provided

For immune status Ig A, Ig G, Ig M determination is used. During allergies it is possible to know the presence of allergen state by IgE method, and in ‘in vitro’ cases the concentration of 20 nutriment and 20 inhalative allergens. The plus of this method, compared with the proves merhod is that the organism stays away from the allergisation

The hormonal exchange of the organism is determined

scutiform gland (TSH, T3, T3f, T4, T4f, ATG, TPO)

pancreatic gland (Diabetes mellitus – glucose, HbA1c, “c”, peptyd, pro-insuline, insuline)

hypothalamus-hypophisar - adrenal gland system (AKTG, corthyzole, 17 cethosteroid)

Reproductive system hormones (prolactyne, estradiol, testosterone, DHEA, DHEA-S etc.)

Тhe determination of the infections is done by ELIZA method as well as by the polymerase-chain reaction system, which is one of the most up-to-date methods

Determiantaion of onkomarkeres is provided: CA 125, CEA, AFP, HCG, SCC, CA 15-3, PSA tot, CA 19-9, tyrogobuline, which is cery important for the determination of onko-diseases

Also the center provides the service of sowing different biomaterials: urine, faeces, blood, sperm etc

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